Jordi Morales i Gras

In the world of Data and Computational Science it is still rare to find profiles oriented to Social Science. Similarly, there are still few Social Science professionals who have the necessary knowledge in Data Engineering or Artificial Intelligence to carry out relevant research with social impact in the world of Big Data.

Filling this gap has been precisely the leitmotiv of my professional career.

What do I do?

Data engineering (ETL/ELT)

Data engineering (ETL/ELT)

I design tools to acquire and generate Social Big Data, process them, transform them and store them in relational databases, optimized for their subsequent exploitation.

Artificial intelligence and sociological analysis

Artificial intelligence and sociological analysis

I implement Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Network Analysis or Statistical Analysis techniques on large datasets, and always with a hybrid qualitative-quantitative mindset.

Data visualization and interpretation

Data visualization and interpretation

I create models with the acquired and processed data, visualize and analyze them with Business Intelligence or Data Mining tools. I elaborate dashboards and reports that facilitate the transformation of data into information and knowledge.

Research and training

Research and training

I participate in social-scientific research of all kinds and collaborate, either as a coordinator or as a methodologist. I also like to train new professionals in Social Science and teach new techniques to working professionals, in companies and in the university.

I collaborate with


Work experience


Cámara de Bilbao University Business School

University Professor

Professor of Digital Marketing and Advanced Information Systems in the Business Management and Marketing degree program.

2016 – Today

Network Outsight

Founder and co-director

Network Outsight and Network Outsight Technologies are the most ambitious business projects in which I have participated to date. Our mission is to bring Big Data sociological analysis to all types of companies and institutions. We do applied research, develop analytical tools and implement strategic actions that contribute to change the data culture of our clients and better meet their objectives.

2014 – Today


Professor and researcher

As an independent professional I have had the opportunity to participate in many projects with different research groups (journalism, sociology, engineering…), and also, to participate as a teacher in several masters and postgraduate courses:

  • UOC. University Master in Social Media: Management and Strategy.
  • UPV / EHU. Master in Models and Research Areas in Social Sciences.
  • COLPIS. Postgraduate in Data Analytics and Programming Applied to Social Sciences.

2009 – 2010


Research assistant

At CETpD, a center attached to the UPC, I had the opportunity to work in a transdisciplinary team in which social and technological profiles coincided. It was an enormously enriching experience that allowed me to understand the importance of hybrid perspectives and collaboration between professionals from all disciplines.

2008 – 2009

Maria Aurèlia Capmany Foundation

Research assistant

I did my professional internship collaborating in the design of the Gender Equality Plans of a group of Catalan municipalities. At the Maria Aurèlia Capmany Foundation I learned the importance of knowing how to transform data into information, and information into useful and applicable knowledge to solve real problems and to improve the living conditions of the population.

2007 – 2008

Jaume Bofill Foundation

Recruiter and interviewer

My first job in the Social Science field was as a recruiter and interviewer for the Panel of Social Inequalities of Catalonia of the Jaume Bofill Foundation. There I learned to value the work of social-scientific data workers.



University of the Basque Country

Ph.D. in Sociology

I received my PhD with a thesis on methodology for the sociological analysis of Big Data and focused on a comparative analysis of the Catalan and Basque independence movements on Twitter during 2014 and 2015. It is available here.


University of Deusto

Postgraduate in web analytics (Google Analytics and Tag Manager)

Websites are the largest storehouse of data on human behavior ever created. Acquiring skills in web analytics has also been a key part of my training and has allowed me to understand the importance and pervasiveness of the data landscape we inhabit.


Valencian International University

Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching

Although I have never worked as a teacher outside the university, I am convinced that my studies as a secondary school teacher have helped me to communicate better in training contexts.


Freie Universität Berlin

MoA Sociology – European Societies

One of the best experiences of my life was studying this master’s degree in Berlin. I was able to specialize in Experimental Sociology and statistical analysis, which allowed me to make the leap to Big Data.


Autonomous University of Barcelona

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

My initiation to Social Science was at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It was there where I acquired a solid foundation in epistemology and social-scientific methodology, and where I became interested in hybrid qualitative and quantitative research.

Data skills

Data engineering


Artificial intelligence


Data visualization


Data analysis and interpretation


Analytical skills

Natual Language Processing


Supervised learning


Unsupervised learning


Deep Learning


Network analysis





Apache NiFi




Pajek / Gephi


Orange Datamining / Anaconda / Python


Jamoovi / R


Excel / PowerQuery


Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager


PowerBi / Tableau / Google Data Studio / Grafana



Academic papers

Rovira-Sancho, G., & Morales-i-Gras, J. (2022). “Femitags for feminist connected crowds in Latin America and Spain.” Acta Psychologica, 230: 103756.<>

Apodaka, E., Basurto, A., Galarraga, A., & Morales-i-Gras, J. (2022). “The governance of Basque language revitalisation in the Basque Autonomous Community: from confrontation toward collaboration.” Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 2022: 1-14.<>

Griera, Morales-i-Gras, J., Clot-Garrell, A., & Cazarín, R. (2022). “Conspirituality in COVID-19 Times: A Mixed-method Study of Anti-vaccine Movements in Spain.” Journal for the Academic Study of Religion, 35(2), 192-217.<>

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Morales-i-Gras, J., & Sánchez-i-Vallès, O. (2022). El 14F a Instagram. Una proposta d’articulació de tècniques de raspat web i anàlisi de xarxes. Papers. Revista de Sociologia, 107(1), 147-174. <>

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Articles in media

Morales-i-Gras, Jordi (2020). Jordi Morales: “Gure informazioa biltzen ari baldin badira, egin dezagun ikertzaileek datuok guztion onerako erabili ditzaten” <

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Morales i Gras, Jordi (2017). Soberanías enredadas: Una perspectiva reticular, constructural y agéntica hacia los relatos soberanistas vasco y catalán contemporáneos en Twitter. Euskal Herriko Unibetsitatea. <>.


Courses, masters and postgraduate programs

Social analytics course with Twitter data

Course to learn how to acquire and work with Twitter data.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applied to Social Sciences

Introductory course to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Social Sciences.

You can do it in Catalan at the Professional Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia.

Postgraduate Degree in Data Analytics and Programming Applied to Social Sciences

A postgraduate course highly oriented to the current labour market in which you will acquire general competences in data analysis from Social Science.

You can take it in Catalan at the Professional Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia.

Master's Degree in Social Media: Management and Strategy

Master for the integral training of digital professionals.

You can take it in Catalan or in Spanish at the Open University of Catalonia.

Master's Degree in Models and Research Areas in Social Sciences

University master’s degree oriented to the integral formation of researchers in Sociology.

You can take it in Spanish at the University of the Basque Country.

Teaching materials

Visualización de datos extraídos de los medios sociales

Visualización de datos extraídos de los medios sociales

Materiales en castellano

Minería de datos de los medios sociales, técnicas para el análisis de datos masivos

Minería de datos de los medios sociales, técnicas para el análisis de datos masivos

Materiales en castellano

Datos masivos y minería de datos sociales: conceptos y herramientas básicas

Datos masivos y minería de datos sociales: conceptos y herramientas básicas

Materiales en castellano

Visualització de dades extretes dels mitjans de comunicació socials

Visualització de dades extretes dels mitjans de comunicació socials

Materials en català

Mineria de dades dels mitjans socials, tècniques per a l’anàlisi de dades massives

Mineria de dades dels mitjans socials, tècniques per a l’anàlisi de dades massives

Materials en català

Dades massives i mineria de dades socials, conceptes i eines bàsiques

Dades massives i mineria de dades socials, conceptes i eines bàsiques

Materials en català

Learn how to analyze networks with Twitter data

Take the course


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